Super Projection - Olive Branch

Recorded, mixed, and mastered this album for Seattle band Super Projection. Tracked over a few days at The Unknown Recording Studio in Anacortes, WA. Mixed and mastered in my home studio in Bellingham.

Brumes - Afterglow

I recorded, mixed, mastered, and played bass, guitar, & drums on this record for Portland's Brumes. Desiree and I met back in 6th grade when we were both awkward new kids at Kulshan Middle School. Our friendship was interrupted after she moved away the next year and we didn't see each other again for many years. Then suddenly a few years back my band, SiLM, played with Desiree's band Brumes in Anacortes and our paths collided again. So strange after all these years that we had both wound up as musicians. Then in 2016 the stars aligned and we were able to join forces to record this album, Afterglow, at the Unknown in Anacortes, WA. To me this album is all about cycles and the strange wonder of life, love, & friendships. I hope you enjoy it!