Day Rate - $170/day

Hourly Rate - $30/hr

Most frequently I work out of The Unknown in Anacortes or Jackpot! in Portland, but I have connections in several other recording studios around the PNW. Studio fees are in addition to the cost of my time, and can range from $200-400/day.


Flat Rate - $80/song

Hourly Rate - $30/hr

Most mixing is done in my home studio, but it is possible to rent out studio facilities to do an analog mixdown using a large format console and outboard processing. I am familiar with mixing in both the digital and analog worlds.


Digital Mastering - $35/song

Hybrid Tape Mastering - $50/song

With tape mastering processing is handled within a DAW, then the audio is printed to my 1/4" tape machine, and lastly printed back into the DAW for final touches/editing.

Package Deals

Mix & Master - $100/song

Demo - $150
All demos will be completed within 8hrs. You'll have the songs with a rough mix/master by the end of the day.